The Greatest Danger in Times of Turbulence is not Turbulence itself
– It is using Yesterday’s Logic

Peter Drucker

Becoming Change Fit can grow the
Net Worth of your Business by up to 44%

Our specialty is enabling leaders to transform their business during dynamic times.
Leading change is like dipping fingers into water – you are never sure where the ripples go, how fast or even how disruptive they might be!

The only sustainable key to implementing successful change in a business, is through your people being connected to their changing work demands so that any risks or costs are reduced, whilst opportunities become recognised and actioned.

Successful transformation creates and then enables a robust culture of engaged people, all of whom are Change Fit, to meet the demands of their constantly changing environment.

At Change Insights, we view every conversation as an opportunity to learn and to teach.
This approach reflects our chosen speciality – that of enabling people to change the way they think.
We focus on helping you to learn how to acquire and embed “Changeability” into your leadership and your organisation so you can sustain change.

To support this unique approach, we have accessed and created tool sets which are transferable, repeatable and robust.

How Change Fit is your Senior Team
- or their teams?


Business Transformation Insight

Improve Competitive Advantage, Performance and Profits.
Gain clarity and objectively measure elements of your business to improve your Competitive Advantage. Making sustainable and relevant changes ensures staying ahead of competitors.

Change Management Insight

Improve ROI on Relocation change or IT System change.
Deliver appropriate and relevant change initiatives to strengthen Change Fitness, speed up the pace of change, reduce the risks and empower people to view change as a natural situation.

Why Insight

New insight gives a new understanding which leads to different thinking, different decisions and better results.
We enable leaders to gain insights into themselves, their teams and their organisation and use these insights to deliver significant change and often completely different results.

Relocation Insights

Keep business disruptions to a minimum during a relocation or refurbishment is what project managers want. Just get through it is what people want, and leaders just need it to happen. Change leadership challenges confront everyone at this time, so what to do?

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Workplace Insights

Psychology of workspace, workflow and team interactions is as important as the critical elements of design, brand and layout. Neither is successful without the other. Any property strategy that does not take into account the people impact will not deliver the financial returns in the long run.

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Team Insights

Teams are the structure of success for future business, AND the real contributor to its failure. Virtual and dispersed teams are pressuring both members and leaders, and require highly personalised and specific collaboration skills.

How Change Fit is Your Business?

Client Views

My Breakthrough Profile...

was an eye-opener for me. I saw the impact my approach had on the results I was delivering, even though I was working so hard. My portfolio is now growing again. I am very, very pleased with the results! Read More

Our Competitive Strength Review...

certainly influenced my thinking regarding how to leverage the business. We have since bought numerous companies, restructured and are delivering diverse services to our market. A thought provoking experience well worth it. Read About Others