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The Loneliness of Leaders

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The price of leadership we create for ourselves.

I share this brilliant insight written by Rebecca Solnit: The Loneliness of Donald Trump, on the corrosive power of being driven by our own needs for power, influence and control. Her points refer to Trump – not as a political commentary – but as an exceptionally good reflection of what we do to ourselves when in pursuit of these needs.

Being unable to listen to others points of views leave us in a vacuum of our own internal story – the one where we know better. How often do we naturally shut out the opinions of those around us and get surprised by the results we get?

Solnit refers to the role that people play in our lives – either they keep us accountable, reflect back to us who we really are and thus enable us to improve ourselves. When they reflect back to us what we want to hear, create murky messages that we can use to build up our image of our unreal self – this is when we loose in the end as we become prisoners in our own story.

A story where we are alone and lonely.
A brilliant piece and good fodder for insightful reflections. I hope you enjoy it.

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