Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it.Henry Mintzberg

Our Approach to Enabling Leaders

When we connect with you and your leaders, we seek to understand your business, it’s degree of changeability and your leaders’ long-term change fitness level.

These insights form our development approach so that when we leave, your managers and teams are stronger, more agile and change fit regarding managing change in their work place.
They are also more flexible change leaders who are able to implement innovative solutions through their people. They are confident and inspire their teams to deliver different results in line with your strategic goals, irrespective of uncertainty- theirs or the environment.

Our experience over many years, and with hundreds of clients, has taught us:

Organisations do not change.
People do and then only when they’re ready.Barbara Craven

People change their behaviours and attitudes only when they feel confident enough to think differently. This includes the leaders in your business.

Thinking differently means being open to diverse ideas and considering alternate solutions. It requires leaders to discover alternate ways to interact with others. And it leads to better outcomes .
Thinking differently however, relies on allowing new or clearer insights to influence decisions being made at all levels of your business.

Different thinking always leads to different decisions which in turn deliver different results.

Leadership is personal. Leadership development therefore needs to start with the person.
We acknowledge your business is unique. Not due to yourproduct, market space, marketing messages or even service delivery.
Rather its uniqueness lies in the the way your managers and leaders bring the business’ particular needs together.

We get to know your leaders, their thinking, behaviours and identify what makes them unique for your business. How their particular combination of skills, experience, thinking and changeability can best be leveraged to deliver better results, quicker and with fewer mistakes.

Enabling you to achieve your strategic plan requires new insights, different discussions, potentially different decisions and definitely changed behaviours within your management teams and between your people.

Change leadership is about providing appropriate and relevant leadership to people who are working to change your business particularly during times of uncertainty.
This core element of becoming more change fit is our area of expertise in developing leaders across your business.
We use a variety of change processes to improve leaders ability to successfully implement change initiatives.

These might include:

  • Research based communication plans to kick start behaviour change
  • Personal Insights Profiling, feedback and development plans
  • Facilitated Change Leadership Development Workshops
  • Executive and Senior Team Development Workshops
  • Executive Coaching for senior leader who sponsor or implement change initiatives
  • Executive Team Coaching for senior teams
  • Talent Development

What are you doing to enable your people to succeed as leaders?