The world as we have created it,
is a process of our thinking.
It cannot change
unless we change our thinking.
.Albert Einstein

Our Approach To Transforming your Business

We firmly believe in order to bring about sustainable change in any business, it is critical to have a very clear understanding of where it is today – and this includes its people.

Experience continues to show us that using technology as the sole driver of change in response to a particular need encounters many barriers on route to delivering a long term return on investment.

We have seen many short-term gains from project driven change initiatives become eroded by people returning to their past behaviours, unchanged attitudes, rigid perceptions and eventually frustration and change weariness.

In order to transform your business we work with you, your senior managers and knowledge specialists to align your business initiatives with your people and their needs.

Strategic thinking is what sets successful businesses apart from their competitors.
Our particular area of speciality in business transformation is in assessing your business’ Competitive Advantage and facilitating your strategic review.

Using different techniques enables your senior team to gain new insights into your Competitive Advantage in the market; your Competitive Strength in relation to your competitors; your Competitive Fitness in your industry.
Including of course, the relevance and importance of the Abyss factors that affect your decisions and your business.

The processes we use to help you transform your business include:

  • Comparative assessment of Competitive Advantage, Competitive Strength and Competitive Fitness
  • Objective measure of your business’ Changeability
  • Facilitated Strategic Review and Business Plan development
  • Design a bespoke Change Management Plan, including People Engagement Plan
  • Facilitate Change Workshops for teams
  • Design and interpret staff surveys to determine Change Fitness

Our experience covers many industries both across Australia, and internationally. All our facilitators are experienced directors, or senior managers. We use our combined business experience and functional knowledge to support business transformation.

Change initiatives involving office relocation, systems development, culture development, Strategic Thinking Reviews are the initiatives we love the best.

Does your Strategic Review confirm your current thoughts or challenge your thinking?

Looking to Relocate your team(s) – how long before performance improves
to premove levels?