“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology.
It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage,
both because it is so powerful and because it is so rare.” Patrick Lencioni

Team Insights for Improved Performance

We can help you to evaluate and develop the teams in your business so that you both benefit from leveraging the knowledge and skills which are in the business.

Teams are becoming more and more important as the working environment becomes more unstable and likely to change in a second. Significant performance contribution to a business unit is no longer in the lap of a single person. Rather it is as a result of diverse people working together towards a previously agreed goal and outcome.

Leaders in the business are no longer leaders because of their title or their position in the structure. Leadership exists throughout the business – and true leaders access these assets effectively.

An organization which is competitively strong is also leader fit. It has a strong and deep leader pool across all levels who work together to create an environment which enables their people to flex with the demands of their ever changing market. And still come out in front!

Specifically, we offer:

  • Team development workshops to improve capability of members to deliver better results
  • Facilitate and boost progress of individuals merging into a high performance team.
  • Facilitate Senior and Executive teams to improve strategic thinking and leadership performance.
  • Set up and consolidate project teams to speed up sharing of their skills and contribution whilst also increasing their change awareness capacity.
  • Facilitate Senior and Executive teams to work more effectively within a team based matrix structure.
  • Facilitate and develop virtual teams to work together effectively.

Challenges with Team Performance

There is a problem – despite 30 years of talk and effort to develop high performance teams which deliver a high return on investment as well as a high (espoused) expectation of teamworking in the workplace – too many teams still regularly under-perform.
The concept of an ‘empowered team’ has the ingredients to deliver high results – but, to be successful, they required the support of a highly stable, single culture organization.
In today’s environment neither the organization nor the industry is either stable or single cultured.

A further challenge to high performance teams is their very structure is changing. More people are working from home. Increasingly, organisations are moving to ‘hot-desking’. Office designs themselves are changing. are moving on from offices to open plan with fewer offices to communal,informal spaces without desks, tables or any of the props and privacy that has supported teams in the past. To cap it all emails are replacing communication.