Learning and innovation go hand in hand.
The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday
will be sufficient for tomorrow.William Pollard

Aligning people with their new Workplace
delivers superior ROI

Office spaces are experiencing change increasingly due to remote work, technology advances and the ever increasing need to innovate. Containing what is often is the second largest budget item, office accommodation, is an important factor but only one of many.
Office space design provides the organisational context within which people share their skills, deliver their job outcomes and engage with others through similar experiences.
Office space has evolved significantly over the decade – from brown rectangular offices to open plan to shared desk environments. The property focus has also evolved from a preoccupation with style – i.e. being “slick or cool” or modern or even outlandish to a focused and singular ambition of designing a workspace specifically intended to help people flourish.

As the nature of work has changed from being singular tasks to inter-connected and inter-reliant activities so the nature of where these task are carried out has needed to change.
And so co working spaces have become the fastest growing type of work space.
The challenge is often people do not really know how to separate their own expectations and beliefs about work and their success, from working with others for a team success in a collaborative environment.

Specifically how can we help you to connect your people, work processes and place? We-

  • Identify the connection points between the proposed workspace design and the particular behaviours used by employees when implementing their work objectives.
  • Assess behaviours, rituals and symbols used by teams and managers to maintain their identity, and performance.
  • Determine what it will take to improve changability within and across the teams.
  • Identify networks and power webs within and between teams that could influence use of new workspace designs.
  • Facilitate connections with HR leaders to identify HR systems and services which need to be updated to support new workstyles in the future.
  • Evaluate the impact of the new co-working space and its demands 6 months post relocation on people, the work systems and performance.
  • Facilitate Virtual Team workshops to enable improved performance and reduced stress for teams and managers.