The Breakthrough Process is an excellent Business Management Tool that greatly assisted us in resolving team issues so we could deliver our Strategic Business Plans. I have no hesitation in recommending it be used by any business looking for behaviour change to drive performance.”
G Hayden, GM,

“Barbara worked with me to consolidate one of my sales team that had been decimated by a series of poor experiences. She helped me through a difficult time with some incredible advice and support. The challenges are enormous when team morale is at its lowest point, and Barbara’s guidance through these difficult waters was given graciously and without expectation. She had a significant positive impact on me and the team, and I would highly recommend her if you need assistance with type of challenge.”
H Brown, SM

“Change Insights employs a comprehensive and professional approach to understanding the requirements of change leadership. Not only is Barbara highly conversant in the methodology of change management but she also shows a unique ability to employ her understanding to create practical and tangible outcomes amongst leaders delivering change.”
A Blundel, MD

“I have met a lot of people offering assistance with the “soft” side of a business, its people. Barbara stands out from the crowd when it comes to assisting leaders and their people with the process of change. She is clear, concise and well spoken which gives us a great window into the underlying intelligence that makes Barbara unique and ever so insightful.
I recommend her to any business looking to improve performance during or after a change from a single relocation through to a major company restructure. Barbara will ensure team performance is maintained or improved through the change.”

D Markus, MD

“Barbara is an articulate and dynamic person who has the ability to juggle various different roles and achieve great results. She is able to quickly assess the nub of a problem and come up with a strategy to solve it in the most effective manner.”
C Pillay, CMO

During the past 2 years I have learnt a lot from Barbara’s coaching expertise and approach to change management. It is exciting to experience the process and the benefits can be significant!
Barbara helps individual managers and teams to better understand themselves and to value others, to discover and embrace different ways of looking at and achieving their goals.
“Barbara combines her interpersonal skills with highly effective process thinking and change management models, her contagious tenacity and passion for achieving a vision.”

F Garnier, CMO

“Barbara’s ability to take the complex and separate out the important components was vital during our recent Strategic Planning Review. Our industry is in a lot of flux, and it was essential our senior team felt comfortable enough to explore some of the more radical ideas without judgement. Both our team and our business are the better for her facilitation.”

M McKenzie, CFO

“The Change Management Process Barbara and her team designed to support our managers when we relocated 1500 people to a purpose built workspace has now become an integral part of our international relocation pack. Apart from satisfied people, their performance continued to improve even during the move.”
F P Davis, RVP

“Barbara and I have worked together presenting workshops for a client membership organisation. At all times I found Barbara easy to work with and with deep knowledge of what it takes to unlock potential and help people to achieve at higher levels in organisations.
Barbara also has high integrity and the resilience to push through obstacles and setbacks to achieve big goals.”

G Kelly, MD

My Breakthrough Profile was an eye-opener for me. I saw what impact my approach was having on the business goals I was working so hard to achieve, but never seemed to get there. My portfolio has started to grow again. I am very, very pleased with the results!
Jenny N,

The Breakthrough Process stimulates immediate insights. I saw how to improve my ways of working to boost my performance – getting things done, communicating effectively and producing better results when working with others.
John C, Lead Partner

“The Breakthrough Process helped me discover how to manage my own behaviours in order to transform my personal effectiveness and ability to work productively through others. “
John D, MD

“Barbara is one of the key people who make Achievement Coaching International unique.
Her wide and varied experience of Coaching for Change with business leaders and owners, family businesses, and management teams, together with the profound and penetrating insights into people she brings as a Psychologist, have been an essential constituent of the development of the Business Breakthrough Coaching offer, training and support.”

T Ericson, CEO

My ‘Round Tuit’ pile has almost disappeared. I never thought I would so painlessly develop the discipline to do the things I know I should but absolutely don’t want to. The Breakthrough Process was my saviour!”
Mark H, VP

The Breakthrough Process has helped my business in assisting me explain to others in the simplest terms what needs to be done. As a communication tool it has been wonderful in giving disparate individuals (with their own agendas) a common meeting ground and a method for going forward. The result is they know how to behave when – and their achievements are the outcome.”
Steve W, MD

“Our top team used the Competitive Strength Report to pinpoint and discuss critical factors in the success of our business. We were surprised to discover how easily the Report highlighted important differences in emphasis and perspective between the directors. These insights enabled us to review and refocus on our priorities and get consensus on the real strategic issues that lie ahead”
G Grieve, MD

“I found the Competitive Strength Report provided deep insights into the sustainability of my organisation working in a dynamic market. It lead to an intense focus on change management process ensuring we delivered on our Strategy.”
J Ballard, CEO

“The Competitive Strength Report is an innovative web-based management tool. Its simplicity provides an easy platform to get buy in and the questions are thought-provoking. They required us to look at our organisation differently and to consider challenging scenarios.
The Report and facilitated Review prompted meaningful dialogue as well as a reality check. It encouraged us to take stock. In its own right this achieves introspection and action.
An additional and critical benefit was it highlighted potential differences amongst the top team. We had to focus on the issues needing clarification and consensus, resulting in more robust decisions being made.

In summary, the CSR is an affordable, innovative approach to the competitive advantage which comes from Excellence. It prompted good debate, refocused thoughts and provided a platform for potential further advancement.
W Brown, MD

“We see great value in the Competitive Strength Review. The questions made us all think. They raised issues we did not immediately associate with our competitiveness. The Abyss scenarios were challenging and some provided us with a wake-up call. It has prompted us to look again at issues we were living with. We are now approaching the priorities with renewed vigour. More importantly, the proposition to achieve Excellence really made us think about our own contributions as leaders of the business.
It provides huge insights, valuable prompts and advice from a 40 minute investment per person.”

J Davis, MD

The CSR prompted meaningful dialogue and a reality check. It encouraged us to take stock. In its own right this achieves introspection and action.
It also highlighted potential differences amongst the top team and provided focus on the issues that need to be addressed or require clarification and consensus.

W Brown, MD

“The Competitive Strength Review with my top team highlighted the different views we held and confirmed how they were impacting on our ability to be Strategic in our decision making. Uncomfortable but invaluable.”
P Davies, MD

“The Competitive Strength Review gave us enough new insights and different ideas to discuss about repositioning our business that it paid for itself before we had even finished the workshop. Being supported whilst working through how to choose between them was an invaluable benefit. Just do it!
M Rolins, MD

“Two years after first completing the Competitive Strength Review, my senior executives and I re-did it and found once again, it provided discussion prompts and very timely, relevant feedback.
This executive tool provides immediate insight to key sustainability factors within the organisation. It is a key tool for top team alignment to the major organisational needs.”

J Ballard, CEO

“The Competitive Strength Review delivers excellent value. It took us only 40 minutes to answer two questionnaires. which made us think and ask ourselves some searching questions.
The Report illustrated where we held different views of our business. Some of which were fundamentally important. We realised we were not as much on the same page as we thought we were. These were valuable insights, particularly in relation to how we lead and manage change.
The comparison with Dr Singhal’s research led to further introspection and questioning. We realised we were accepting second best. The Report forced us to crystalise our thoughts and to focus on at least 5 areas in our drive towards Excellence.”

T Lane, CEO

The Competitive Strength Review prompted meaningful dialogue and a reality check. It encouraged us to take stock. In its own right this achieves introspection and action.
It also highlighted potential differences amongst the top team and provided focus on the issues that need to be addressed or require clarification and consensus.

W Brown, MD

The Competitive Strength Report certainly influenced my thinking regarding how to leverage the business. We have since bought numerous companies, restructured and are delivering diverse services to our market. A thought provoking experience well worth it.”

Sam Furphy, MD, 2006